Monday, April 24, 2006


Having gone through deep encounters with the past, I find myself looking to the celebration of who we are in the streaming presence of Now. This is a compelling and urgent activity, one that reminds us that we are the leading edge of creative momentum, making meaning as we become the newness of ourselves in each successive moment. If you can imagine that you are space or time itself, and that you carve reality from the brink of nothingness, you will understand that your being is the essence of the universe. Your very existence is creation, and creation is the act of moments unfolding.

I often refer to this process as becoming, and that is an apt metaphor. We have only metaphors to penetrate this simple reality, which is beyond words. Language cannot penetrate the nothingness. The words, the letters, the sounds dissolve in the blackhole of negative space and time. Language is mute and ineloquent. Part of the dilemma is that language must have something to represent nothing, and thus we miss the phenomenal essence of something that simply is not there.

Yet, we are here at the boundary of that not-thereness which is yet another dimension, and we perpetually enter that dimension in our becoming. All becoming is from the zero-point, the repose of energy in its unarticulated state. The future is in the zero. Existence is in the zero. Our isness is the reality of infinite disclosure. Our infinite becoming is cause for celebration!


VJM said...

In a single word: Enlightenment

always.leaving said...

You forget that language is that which allows the nothing of other times to become the moment of now, allowing others perceptions to become our own. Perhaps it is limited by the inevitable translation of feelings and emotions into the scribbled form of language, but we must live under the assumption that others perception of our words is somewhat similiar to our own, owing to the humanity that defines us all. No matter the infinity of the future, all that is contained in the past has been dictated through this language, leading me to believe that it is far more than 'mute and ineloquent.'

VJM said...

just wondering if all is well with you - haven't seen a new post since last week

VJM said...

ok now I'm worried - hope u are all right