Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Time Loss

All this time since the last entry...lost.


My inertia compounds the loss. Time looming large is more daunting than an empty page, an empty canvas, an empty space inviting, enticing... Time is the very stuff of existence, the essence of Being, more palpable than space. Being stuck in Time is like disappearing into a blackhole. That is where I have been... past the Event Horizon... into the jowls of the Time Grinder.

My Browser was set to open on this blog. Every time I opened it, this black hole of Jet Lag came up as a grim reminder of my stalled condition. It should have been Time Lag because my paralysis extended way beyond the conventions of travel disadvantages from point to point on our globe.

So now I open a new era. Somehow I have gone through an evolution from early enthusiasm, through the trying times of working through patches with no inspiration, to the recognition of my limits and a growing vision. Maybe this era will be open new insights and energies. I know I have lost the few readers I may have had, so now I write to the empty space, the empty page, the emptiness of an existential ennui that smiles as it advances for the kill.


rick said...

Welcome Back! rick

Anonymous said...

TimeArt a way to escape from gravity was a concept by Ralston Farina that in 1985 was used by Plexus to gathered together 350 artists to perform in the Lower East Side,at CUANDO, 9 Second Avenue, a community based event, named Purgatorio Show. Time was gravity and through art was possible to escape. By reading your Time loss and in your archives December 2005 some lost parts of me I recovered time of my life that I felt lost. Thanks to share your emptiness very full of life