Monday, May 28, 2007


Today is Memorial Day, a day for remembering, for celebrating those who have defended freedom and the idea of freedom so that the world might be a place for hope.

Launched in a vast and seemingly hostile universe, Hope is ultimately all we have. Hope blossoms into Faith, and Faith into Charity, and Charity into Love. This is the chain of our past, the foundation of our convictions that makes us look to each day in anticipation of something better, of the promise of tomorrow...of something real. For somewhere in ourselves we sense that if only we could embrace reality, truly perceive it in the clarity of the moment, we would discover the Truth of ourselves.

Remembering digs back into the collapsing edifice of the Past and restores its luster, its shimmering reality of Now, shimmering because it flickers between the Past and Future in an eternal flame of awareness. Remembering requires the presence of consciousness with the understanding of a past always present in the permanence of ourselves. Time is the illusion. The reality is Space and only Space with infinite possibilities persevering in our perpetual presence.

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Anonymous said...

Never we should give up the hope of freedom and in these days that it seems that there is no hope in the world, your lirics remember that Time is an illusion and there are still infinite possibilities for our hope of freedom and peace.
Posted in Rome, June 2, 2007 by Plexus 23s