Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Otherness of Ourselves

Once while dining with a friend, I found our conversation taking a deeper turn. I am not sure why. But I began to come across aspects of myself that I had forgotten. I have always thought that each of us come from the same cataclysmic moment of the cosmos bursting into awareness of itself. We are that initial awareness masked by the otherness.

At that point where we connect in mystical acknowledgment of our beingness, we mirror to each other a singularity of consciousness. Thus in a conversation, an exchange, we discover ourselves all over. We suddenly remember moments long forgotten. Images, words, sounds, and songs pop into our heads as we speak, and I realize that had we not been engaged with the person opposite us, we might have passed those moments by, unaware that they were hidden there in a clump of consciousness buried beneath the debris of forgetfulness --- waiting to be acknowledged.

But the miracle of otherness doesn't stop there. We also look ahead to the possibilities of who we are becoming. The very presence, the energy of otherness opens us to new options and opportunities. The world unfolds in the presence of our connection and these cosmic collisions of consciousness shape us to a destiny that is constantly in flux.

In the otherness of ourselves we experience the microcosm of infinite becoming. It is the miracle of awareness, and I thank you, all of you, for your incandescent presence that illuminates the darkest and most remote corners of myself. I can only hope that the experience is mutual in my otherness of you.

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