Saturday, August 28, 2010

Destinies in the End of August

Destinies in the end of August…
Our lives entwined, embracing our mutual fate,
Inevitable disasters skim the horizon
With broken dreams and lost lives
We pay our own price for dreams,
In wordless tribute to a future
Diverted from destiny
By our blind journeys.
We cling to shadows
To light, to disguised destruction
That rambles through our lives
In shattering thunderclaps
Across our vacant horizons.
We have ourselves to blame
For we have not touched,
Anything more than an illusion…
Only shadows and some distant hope
The failed imagination that seeks
To be some emerging miracle
But finds no ground beneath our feet.
We walk on shimmering clouds
Enveloped by the beauty of a world
Withheld from us
We cling to love,
To touch each other…
But as we extend our grasp,
As we reach out to embrace,
Our world collapses...
And in the swirling debris
Of our anguish and despair,
We laugh and recognize
That at least we lived,
At least we were…
It was never more than this:
To relish life
Like the mayfly…
To celebrate,
And then to disappear
Without consequence
Or regret.

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