Friday, February 10, 2006

Crossing the Interior Frontier

As I come upon blogs, I discover that some have entered into a profound process of self discovery. This becomes evident if you trace the evolution of their writing, at first very self-conscious, then growing into a reflective awareness, and finally entering a stage that is intensely challenging because consciousness has come upon a new interior domain, strange and foreign, crossing a frontier beyond discovery of identity, a terrain where the blog is creating identity, defining existence as experience in perpetual and dynamic disclosure.

Crossing this interior frontier is exciting and terrifying. Exciting, because we feel a renewed energy and see the world through new eyes, and hear the world with fresh ears. Terrifying because each new step maps uncharted territory. Moving through this new landscape of ourselves, we are a light entering the darkness, illuminating a new sense of ourselves and the world. Creating ourselves becomes a journey of extinguishing the darkness, of knowing with conviction that existence is not a static perfection, but a dynamic and chaotic presencing that now echoes back upon ourselves, the world, and those around us. We discover we are not as concerned with who we were and who we are but rather are vigorously engaged in the process of Becoming.

Becoming involves the deepening awareness of how we are connected in the world and with each other. Paradoxically, crossing the interior frontier actually does not remove us from the world. Instead, we find the deep connections to others and the boundaries of inner and outer worlds dissolve. Maybe there is something in this digital process that serves as a catalyst to this discovery and awareness of being. Maybe the act of creating ourselves from the nothingness of now and expressing it in published form so that it now exists apart from us so that we can experience it as a substantive presence, accelerates the pace of our journey, of our Becoming.

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