Monday, August 15, 2011

Crises: Our Co-Existence with Dark Energy and Dark Matter

Almost everyone I know is going through some personal crisis.  And we are all aware that culturally and metaphysically we are engaged in a global crisis that has prompted visions of Mayan doom in 2012.  The basis for these crises is our perception of our lives, the universe, and experience as undergoing immense acceleration.  Newton had prophesied that everything would gradually slow down until the universe was out of energy. This was the so-called dismal law of thermodynamics.  Now the Hubble eye on the universe has detected that indeed, everything is speeding up. We also have become aware that there must be matter and energy that cannot be seen, and that this mass accounts for almost 95% of the substance of the universe (dark energy or dark matter).  It is this accelerating gravitational force that appears to be pulling the universe apart and our lives as well.  We are not immune from the force that created us.  You and I are part of the Big Bang or whatever it was that ignited conscious awareness.

Several of my friends are depressed after their great achievements and success. I know that feeling well.  I know what it is to ride the roller coaster of highs and lows as you engage in creating new work.  It is a cycle of success where the intensity of the moment is suddenly extinguished and you are left lost and empty, feeling that everyone has deserted you.  And they have.  No one can continue that intensity indefinitely. Inevitably the super nova burns out, and space is dark and empty. But the emptiness is an illusion. In riding the wave, you must inevitably pass through zero, to the silence. We all come from the silence.

In the silence is the birth of everything new. It all comes from the nothingness between the zenith and the nadir...that moment between the plus and minus, that nothingness that always precedes the "Big Bang." Probably these eruptions are continuous and infinite.  That is why we are beginning to perceive that there are parallel universes that completely redefine our concepts of dimension and time.  It is a reality that is both singular and plural. Gradually we have come to understand that what we call Space is just another word for Time.  For the moment we appear to be trapped in Time, irreversibly caught in the endless expansion whose only direction is outward or forward,  Even when we seemingly reverse directions, it is never the same space.  Einstein glimpsed the reality for a moment, but never really understood it. Perhaps that is why his attempts to unify two opposing theories failed.  Some think they have solved the riddle, shredded the Gordian Knot, since finally experts concluded it could not be untied because it wasn't really a knot.

Some imagine that the dark energy is consuming matter and storing it as dark matter.  Although Black Holes have been thought of as the creator of new stars and solar systems, they are also being studied as converters of substance into the hidden dimension of existence. Somewhere in this equation is the secret of ourselves, is the secret of conscious awareness.  Without the awareness, the universe is an empty charade.

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