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IMPACT 2011: Creating New Worlds

 What is IMPACT?  It is an acronym for Interactive Multimedia Performing Arts Collaborative Technology that describes a workshop designed to promote collaboration and creative expression among international participants. It originated in the Steinhardt School of New York University and has now completed its fifth year.  Every year the workshop changes, grows, and develops, and IMPACT has come to mean a process of collaborative experience that is evolving. Each year the faculty, staff, and participants come away with an understanding that has built upon the past but added new layers of meaning and interaction. Most recently IMPACT has added the layer of social networking, using FaceBook as a means of communicating all aspects of the workshop as it evolves pragmatically and conceptually.

The posters above represent three planning stages for 2011. The first poster represents the collaborative and international nature of the workshop through the hands of different cultural backgrounds working together through technology, artistic expression, and multimedia to change our perceptions of the world and bring us closer together. The second stage represents a thematic process by which the participants agree upon a theme to explore for a realization on stage combining technologies and expressive artistry in collaborative production teams. Each production team took the name of a planet and the organization of each team had as its goal to establish an interdisciplinary group that worked together to develop concepts and materials that would eventually be expressed through media and stage craft. The final poster was designed by 2011 participants giving credit and reflecting on the nature of collaboration with a focus on collaborative process.

Though the description above attempts to answer the question of "What is IMPACT?" on a basic, descriptive level, it is clear that its meaning is deeper and continues to resonate long after the workshop is completed. Many new energies and visions interlocked and worked together intensely.  New personal insights came from this collaborative process, and the embryos of new ideas are still emerging and growing.  We continue to interrogate the process, because at the heart of this process is the idea of artist as researcher and collaborator. At the heart of this work is how we generate new ideas and new content. Ultimately the mentors are reciprocally mentored by the participants creating a cycle of interaction where the meaning deepens with each new coming together as collaborateurs. Activity becomes active engagement generating material through documenting the action and transforming it into various iterations across media. Documenting becomes a way of capturing process and gives meaning and structure to activity as a means of exploring and developing content.

On August 11, the participants collaborated on the "works in process" for an audience in NYU's Frederick Loewe Theatre while also streaming their work on the Internet as a live performance.The material was generated through actions designed to explore movement, images, moving images, sounds, and music using digital and stage craft techniques as well as exploring visual arts as expressive performance. Emerging was a spontaneous process of collaboration and interaction. This interactive energy enabled these young participants to engage the moment as dynamic, emergent content.

Multimedia Works in Process

Every day, we create and recreate our environments through technology, architecture and human interaction.

Scene 1: Inner Voice
       (Ji Eun Kim, Yeji Kim, Hsuanyu I, Yoo Jeong Nam)
Freedom is neither white nor black, but the possibility of painting our canvas of whatever color we choose. No matter our origins or upbringing, we are free to know and to experience, to mingle and to party, to expand ourselves and to forge who we really want to be.
Music and Movie: Ji Eun Kim Cello: Hsuanyu I         Dancers: Yoo Jeong Nam, Yeji Kim,

Scene 2: IMPACT around US
(Sun-Mi Kim, Hyun Mi Jung, Chae-Won Song)

Having a trouble with artistic expression? Searching for something creative? Our video might suggest the answer for your concerns to just look around and fulfill your needs.
Music: Sun-Mi Kim, Chae-Won Song, Hyun Mi Jung     Video: Chae-Won Song
Dancers: Hyun Mi Jung, Kyung-In Kim, Su Min Jung, Seo Youn Lee, YooJeong Nam, Yeji Kim

Scene 3: Exploring Myself
HyeYeun Lee, Kyung-In Kim, Perla Vargas)

Where am I? I am a stranger. Everything is going different and makes me confused. But I try not to lose myself and stick with the strange path. Then I finally meet someone else familiar. Is that an alter ego?
Background Music: "Klavierwerke" & "I Mind" by James Blake
Art Directing & Video: HyeYeun Lee Choreography & Dance: Kyung-In Kim
Actors & Dancers: YooJeong Nam, Seo Youn Lee, Su Min Jung, YeJi Kim, Hyun Mi Jung, Hwan Soo Ok Lyrics & Singing: Perla Vargas

Scene 4: Birthday Girl
(Yulimer Almonte, Eunsong Noh, YooJin Choi)

This comedy will make you laugh and have a nice time together with the birthday girl and her friends. The Birthday girl is at a restaurant to celebrate her birthday, but nothing goes out as planned. What will happen?
Video: Yulimer Almonte, Eunsong Noh Costume: YooJin Choi Music: Yulimer Almonte
Actors & Dancers: Yulimer Almonte, Eunsong Noh, Youngmi Ha, Seo Yeon Lee, Hwan Soo Ok, Youngin Ko, Heejung Nam, YooJin Choi, Mariam Chebly

Scene 5:  S.O.S. (Side-Effect Of Social-Network)

(Kahyun Lee, Yunjin Cho, Jeemin Ha)

We can express our feelings and happenings without restriction of space by social network. However, it sometimes make people exposed to others unintendedly too much. Also people feel the sense of inferiority and isolation by watching other's privacy. "S.O.S" sheds new light on the effect of social network!
Video: Kahyun Lee, Yunjin Cho Actors: Kahyun Lee, Yunjin Cho, Jeemin Ha
Costume: Kahyun Lee, Yunjin Cho, Jeemin Ha

(YoungMi Ha, Perla Vargas, Deanna Jackson, Hsuanyu I)
Title: Pingu, Bouncy Fun
Music Making Penguins

Scene 6: A Chat with Cunningham
(Chingwen Yeh, Yea-Chen Wu, Sunyoung Park)

Touching your spirit I move. Watching your work I touch. Feeling your aura surround me.
Art Direction & Video: Chingwen Yeh, Yea-Chen Wu, Sunyoung Park
Choreography & Dance: Chingwen Yeh Live Music & Composer: Sunyoung Park

Scene 7: Dream Your Reality
(Deanna Jackson, Yoo Jung Shin, Hwan Soo Ok)

Imagine, you’ re who you want to be; doing what you want to do. Believe in the impossible and explore the incredible potential. Take one step and hold on to your dream.
Performed by: Deanna Jackson, Yoo Jung Shin, Hwan Soo Ok, Jee Yun Hung, Yeji Kim, Seo Youn Lee, Su Min Jung           Music: Hwan Soo Ok        Video and Lyrics: Deanna Jackson
Scene 8: Neptune Avenue
(Ebru Yetiskin, Seo Yeon Lee, Youngin Ko)

One flees and creates a path to become a part of a different world. We will show aquarium video. Enjoy our beautiful blue scene!
Video: Ebru Yetiskin, Youngin Ko        Dancers: Seoyoun Lee, Youngin Ko, Yeji Kim, Sumin Jung, Kyung-In Kim, Hyun Mi Jung, YooJeong Nam

Scene 9: One World
(Whanee Choi, Su Min Jung, Mariam Chebly, Yea-Chen Wu)

The end of society as we know it has arrived. After a nuclear warfare a few survivors from different cultures take shelter in the last "Eden". How will they interact and communicate with each other?
Video: Yea-Chen Wu    Audio: Mariam Chebly, Whanee Choi      Choreography: Su Min Jung
Actors & Dancers: Perla Vargas, Deana Jackson, Yulimer Almonte, Mariam Chebly, Whanee Choi, Su Min Jung, Sharon I, Hyun Mi Jung, Kyung-In Kim, Yeji Kim, Seo Yeon Lee, YooJeong Nam, Yoo Jung Shin, Hwan Soo Ok, Jeemin Ha, Kahyun Lee    
Music: Mozart Requiem Lacrimosa          Original Music : Mariam Chebly, Whanee Choi


IMPACT 2011 Faculty, Staff, Guest Artists

Dr. John V. Gilbert, Director
Dr. Youngmi Ha, Music Director
Tom Beyer, Tech Director
Dr. Chianan Yen, Digital Imaging & Photography Director
Julie Song, Administrative Director
Dr. Carleton Palmer, Visual Arts Director
Jee Yun Hong, Dance Director
Kevin Pease, Theatre & Stage Director
Joellen Dolan, Assistant Tech Director
Yea-Chen Wu, Lighting Designer
Sunmin Kim, Stage Manager, Researcher
Nicholas Marchese, Tech Assistant
Yeejung Nam, Production and Administrative Assistant
Dr. Chingwen Yeh, Impact Guest Artist, Educator
Ebru Yetiskin, Guest Researcher In Sociology & Media
Sunyoung Park, Guest Artist


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