Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Dwelling in the Midst of Murmuring

Hear the murmuring of individuals compressed in groups/ words weaving in and out of awareness/ laughter erupting through the fragments of conversations/ all sound emanating from the artificial divisions of groups somehow disconnected and disembodied/ meaning touches consciousness through the masks of anonymity/ and i think how does this touch those in singapore?/ what is the common thread that brings coherence to this chaotic presence?/ fluttering of butterfly's wings impacts the other side of the world/ what is that connection?/ the internet is the illusion of the connectedness/ it is a manifestation in tangible form of a deeper connection which we intuit but scarcely understand/ somehow those utterances on the other side of the world singapore... are explosively vivid, transforming this moment and rippling through the cosmos with almost cataclysmic energy/and those sitting here are shaping the conscious presence of my awareness with equal intensity and spilling over to those in singapore/it is like discovering a tear in the tapestry of space and time/ and as i stare at the sounds inhabiting some new dimension, the realization that i am the rip in the universe ignites my awareness and i look through the haze to see Phaedrus smiling back at me...

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tragedienne said...

Hi Wyzard,
Thank you for your kind comments. iseme is a good friend of mine. I suppose it can be considered that our industries involves / revolves around the arts too.

As you have inferred, I am currently a teacher in Singapore. (Have you been here?) But I will be leaving the teaching service for a while to futher my studies in the University of Melborne. I noticed that the picture on "Poet's Passage" resembles / is the Great Ocean Road.

I will be majoring in Art History and English Literature.

You seem to be savouring the creative spirit that the blogsphere has to offer.

Happy blogging.

(by the way, there is a typo error of my link in your blogroll)