Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Things that Seep into My Blood

More from the Singapore Poet:
i'm a being who needs to be inspired. i need to know passionate people and i need to read write and see things that seep into my blood and become part of me, so i can live. (Ismene, May 30, 2003)
my awakening so long ago brought about by my own frantic fling at death when i wound up in a hospital because of unrequited love... the mentor who rescued me from the oblivion of myself...giving me Robert Henri's The Art Spirit/ suddenly I knew that we were kindred spirits/ my lust for life would be my joy and my destruction through all my creative cycles/ each passionate renaissance sprang from the pain of neglect/ ultimately the art was and is life lived passionately/ but always there was hope/ the greatest expressions surged toward the future/ now its shadow shrinks into nothingness and when there is no more hope...what then? only the intense immersion into the moment...of living authentically so that the moment seeps into my blood and i am alive...

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