Sunday, November 27, 2005

Invitation to the Dance

jungmin sent some images of Kim Myoung-Sook's new dance that premiered October 26 in Seoul Korea. i saw a rehearsal of the work when I visited Seoul in inspired work where the movement emerged from the essence of Korean being and reality..i reveled in the images, playing them with sounds of Korean temple music... not the same as being there...but still enough to get a rush...
what is it about the art of movement that challenges awareness? i see new possibilties that echo in cyberspace... i see artistic sensibility maturing and seeking new paths... we are brought to the brink of new exchanges and discoveries where greatness is of the moment... in the energy of brief encounters, and ideas are born over tea and coffee and resonate in the imagination of the empty canvas of time and space... the moment disclosing itself--- a dimension to be filled with the incandescence of expressive feeling too explosive to be muted by ineloquent fear..

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Jungmin said...

John, you've definitely done so many writings after I visited your blog. now I can see that you're becoming the real Blogger~ I will take some time to read them all after I am examined the graduation dissertation, which will be the day after the christmas. *^,^*