Sunday, January 01, 2006

Confronting New Enigmas

a quiet start to the year, dspite the usual attendant noise. time for reflection, for establishing the context of the coming days. a shimmering, glowing sheen shields the outskirts of advancing moments, a reminder that the face of time can be mesmerizingly exquisite.

no resolutions are permitted. we can only find the markers to urgent paths. to music making as renewal. unpack the trunk of songs so silent and elusive. find the magic of musicing through the moment. synthesize the texture of life as the authentic rendering of feeling and emotion.

yet, how do i face the enigma of myself? past visions were so dependent on you, the infinite you hiding behind the words, the music, lurking in the images as though your identity was secure. now existence sleeps in a virtual world. i long for sunlight on beaches, and real moonlight flooding the night with mystifying clarity. you are everywhere and nowhere, this contradiction stalks my awareness of you. now i know you are not what i thought, and the mystery lingers like echoes multiplied on walls of ancient caverns.

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