Saturday, January 07, 2006

Posoon Park Sung: A Spiritual Quest in Art

Posoon Park Sung's exhibition of new paintings, ANAM ĊARA (Celtic for “soul friend"), opened January 6th at the June Kelly Gallery and will be on public display though February 7th. The opening night was exceptionally exciting with many friends and devotees in attendance. Consequently the gallery was buzzing with excitement, marking another milestone and achievement for this extremely thoughtful artist who explores her vision of a highly personal and intimate spiritual journey. Her images are richly imbued with metaphors that focus on the dilemma of existence and choices that confront us in our spiritual quest. Her use of color and figures that blend into a background as a rich textural presence reveal a painter who pursues her art as a means of deep inquiry into the nature of spiritual reality.

As noted, this opening attracted a large following and the energy and excitement ran counter to the works on exhibition. It was difficult to obtain an appropriate perspective on the artworks themselves because of the crowd. Of course, an opening is rarely a time to truly focus on the artworks. Openings are a time for celebration and an opportunity to bond with the artist. These are works that are highly intimate and contemplative. Giving them appropriate attention requires a visit to the exhibition later under less crowded conditions in order to experience the full impact of these expressive works.
A special moment emerged for quiet reflection as a string quartet performed for the occasion with the artist's diptich Anticipation II providing an arresting context for the musical works.

The artist was an extremely gracious hostess, and her special attachment to these works was apparent. One painting, Choice of Mind II, struck me as an artist's self-portrait of a spiritual realm---reflecting the myriad diversions and choices that lurk in the background of our being.

Anam Ċara, is an important artistic statement that commands our attention and thought. Although Park Sung's work clearly posits her in a post modern world, her Korean heritage serves as a poetic presence, disclosing this spiritual connection in subtle, transparent qualities that shimmer from an ancient past.

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