Thursday, January 12, 2006

Language As Discovery

Humans don't make language---language creates humanity.

Even though we might think that we use language to describe reality, language actually erects the edifices of our experience. Words crystallize thoughts, but language also leads the mind to new paths of discovery. Individuals using words take us to new places of the imagination, expanding our understanding and shaping our perceptions.

It is not only great writers who shape the destiny of humanity, but the day-to-day speakers and writers imprint each moment with profuse possibilities. Our languaging is worlding the world. Ideas are the structures that support our hopes and dreams, and new ideas are born in the ongoing disclosure of imagination. Of course, there are other expressive means that create who we are: art dance, music, theatre, film, etc., are also instruments for shaping our world.

But language is the glue that concretizes as well as being an expanding universe always in flux. It is at once fixed and accountable, unpredictable, ingenious, innovative, and constantly growing. The many languages that make up the universe of daily discourse are funding the future with an advancing dynamic reality shaped by ideas exploding as a new and different worlds of experience and possibility.

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windowtomymind said...

Thank you wyzard ways. "Our languaging is worlding the world." Eloquently expressed. Lauguage is the glue, it is also elasticized glue that shapes what we write and how we express ourselves.