Saturday, December 10, 2005

Artists in Soho

Hosted by the distinguished artist, Angiola Churchill/ assisted by her able apprentice Daniel, a remembrance of time past in a Soho gathering that almost seemed like Christmas dinner/ elegantly planned by Ms. Churchill with wine by the artist/philosopher David Ecker/ a small party in Soho in the artist's loft where her work resonated with such an elegant presence/ installation being prepared for Naples in Spring/ a quiet disclosing of works in progress discerning and earnest/ strong statements of a highly original sensibility/...a time past that brought Ecker, a noted phenomeologist and artist who has been responsible for inspiring the rescuing of living traditions in the arts (ISALTA) that were on the verge of extinction, Sandro Dernini, the spiritual force behind Plexus who has managed to stage elaborate collaborations, exhibitions and conferences that connect the arts and life in extraordinary combinations for more than twenty years, and the Wyzard who has quietly engaged the issues and ideas through his own personal quest/ the work of this tiny group is noted that for a moment they came together in mutual endeavors, ranging from reconciliations, well-being, and dematerialization, to navigations through distant and remote cultures, globally explosive but cut off from a sense of history/ institutional history is mute and inglorious, having neglected the origins of its extraordinary claims about global culture/ Wyzard and others authored the web-pioneering Navigating Global Cultures at a time when the world was just becoming aware of what it meant to be wired and wireless/ no matter where Dernini goes he tilts at windmills, a knight errant who sees the true substance of what it means to exist in time and space/ he knows the politics of art and persuasion with instinctive accuracy/ he can cunningly entice leaders, scientists, culture critics and artists into discussions that are always on the brink of discovery/ he fascinates us into creative ideas, weaving a spell that enlists our energies and resources/ somehow he must persuade us to look beyond ourselves and the commonplace/ touch reality with a sensitive gaze that looks backward and forward even as the present is sculpted out of the debris of the past/ awakening slumbering masterworks and inventions of a marvelous vision...

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DrP said...

Better late than never:

Call for Papers on “Living Traditions in Art”

If you are an artist/researcher in any traditional visual art medium, a past, present or future member of ISALTA, you are invited to submit a paper to the ISALTA category of the Palmerius blog. This test of interest in the concept of the advancement of living traditions in art has two purposes.
1. To provide an online community in the blog format for those concerned.
2. To initiate a database for the implementation of Encyclopedia ISALTA.

Contact DrP at:

Encyclopedia ISALTA, an Un-submitted Draft
Dr. Carleton Palmer, Research Director, ISALTA

This is a proposition to implement Encyclopedia ISALTA as a Wiki online encyclopedia of articles concerning the advancement of living traditions in art as defined by the International Society for the Advancement of Living Traditions in Art in 1981.
In the 1970’s, while teaching in the Department of Art and Arts Professions at NYU, Professor, Dr. David W. Ecker, assisted a large number of Ph.D. candidates and other graduate students from many countries to become arts professionals.
Rather than “Westernize” these students by teaching them about art as it is understood in the United States, Dr. Ecker and some colleagues developed philosophy, curriculum and courses to help these doctoral candidates understand and preserve their traditional arts. The loss of traditional arts, art forms and mediums is recognized as a planetary tragedy associated with assimilation and Westernization, just as much as the loss of animal and plant species due to technological development..
In so doing, students from, India, Africa, Europe, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, the Americas and elsewhere participated together with their instructors in the creation in 1981 of an organization called ISALTA, standing for The International Society for the Advancement of Living Traditions in Art. Courses were taught, and exhibitions and conferences have been held worldwide featuring ISALTA. The organization is a NYS not-for-profit organization*, and Dr. Ecker, now Professor Emeritus from NYU, remains Executive Director of this organization of interested individuals.
*verifiable through the NYS, DOD website search:
Best wishes to Dave, Sandro and Angiola,