Sunday, December 25, 2005

Spur of the Moment

christmas waning/ gifts opened/ poppimg out to rockefeller center to see tree/ starving---take chance on restaurant/ probably won't be able to find a taxi/ miraculously cab appears just as we hit the street/ at rockefeller center in minutes/ in the concourse a large line of people waitimg at the rock center cafe/ go inside to inquire how long a wait/ how many in your party?... two/ we can seat two immediately/ ushered to a spectacular table where we can see the tree and skaters outside/ organic chicken and prime rib/ merlot and chardonnay/chocolate mousse and key lime pie/ a perfect moment unfolding as though it had been planned for months/ truth is this was an especially difficult time/ unorganized and grueling/ yet i'll remember this christmas because a special resonance has attached itself and enhances the evening, the ambience, the talk/ people around us all engaged in a special moment/merging with other memories of christmas/our passion persists and then fades in such priceless beauty...

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