Friday, December 02, 2005

Gilmore Girls and Dostoevsky

Sometimes it is just the empty space, the empty page, the silent interval, coaxing something from the nothingness...sometimes it is just the words...making connections...what is it about Ismene that sparks my imagination?/ is the energy of an innocence making words that bend to the is her love of her choy/the honest aching after a run/ the friends that snicker and chide on the tagboard/the company she keeps/ her imagery, metaphors, and poetry leaping through her blogs like elegant gazelles/ the sensibility that evens the field for the gilmore girls, dostoevsky, vanity fair, tolstoy, vogue, count basie, architecture, chet baker, and the shins/ delighting in the moment, the food, gelato and sushi.../ her friends and friends of her friends/ life running full throttle and piling upon itself/ falling in a heap and laughing at yourself/ somehow measuring the world as a playground to be savored before we awake to something else.../a candid and unpretentious style like I am reading John Updike in Singaporean drag...

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