Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Striking at the Heart of the City

New York City is once again like a war zone, and although we walk around and greet each other and commiserate over our shared hardships which extend way beyond our difficulties of moving through this metropolis, we all have a sense of the terrorist threat that is always lurking in the background since 9/11. The TWU has shown us where we are most vulnerable...something like a primer for terrorists. Want to bring the city to its knees? Cut off its life blood: take away its freedom of movement.

The subways lie like empty, twisted carcasses, an eerie silent pallor hanging the air. Businesses are dying. Many less fortunate are suddenly out of work and starving. This torturous thrust stifles larger businesses depending on this season, and despite our cheerful disguises, we are confronting an anguish of dismal holidays. There is a reason why it is illegal for public servants to strike against its constituency, and although the TWU seems to remember the eleven day strike in 1980 as a cakewalk, we are living in a different time and a different sensibility. TWU's action in a time of war is despicable. It puts new meaning to Pogo's declaration, "We have seen the enemy, and he is us!"

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