Saturday, December 03, 2005

My First Audio Blog

yes, O ye of little faith, i called this test audio blog in from my mobil phone/ now Blogging has found its voice(well maybe not this blogger...since i have a way to go to develop an audio blogging style)/ look out world/ the possibilities are staggering/ clearly a different modality/ after finally getting through the mechanics of connecting my mobile to the server i found myself mute and inarticulate.../it's actually very simple/just call the server and give it your phone number and pin and your in.../ in this case the medium is the message...there is virtually no content in my spoken blog!.../the audio blogger sets up the blog on your page/writes all the code automatically/all you do is publish (and add comments if you like)...
this is an audio post - click to play

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AsianFluteMonster said...

Hello Wyzard! Your information about audioblogger was new to me, so I am now signed up and made a couple attempts: one on my regular blog and the other on my Tech Trends blog. I believe I am meeting with you on Monday at 4:30, so I'll see you then! Oh, have you tried yet? You can have a myspace music profile too and post your own music for people to check out!