Monday, December 19, 2005

Bruno's and the Holidays

bruno's bakery has been a fixture in greenwich village for decades/ a destination to meet friends/ have coffee/ indulge in pastries that taste even better than they look/ and while away the hours in idle and not-so-idle conversations/ stealing glances at celebrities and village types/ sitting there with rick and oksana with cappuccinos steaming while winter approaches with all the trappings of christmas cheer/ solving all the dilemmas of careers/ out of place musicals with improbable performers/ pop albums from a renowned opera star with a Sarah Bernhardt flair/ breaking through the inertia of songs trapped inside a computer/ the village is peppered with coffee houses/ the birthplace of coffeehouses long before starbucks franchised the idea to the world/ a last meeting of the year at our most familiar and comfortable hangout/ Bruno's somehow catches the essence of the holidays/ each person sitting here feels a certain ownership in this institution that endures like a long lasting friendship/ perhaps this endurance is how Bruno's underscores the casual and intense relationships that linger there/ ideas, feelings, and observations hang in the air like the steam floating up from the coffee cups and evaporating into the night...

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