Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Such Incandescent Intelligence!

Having only recently discovered the world of blogging, I have been following links to blogs of such authenticity and intelligence that I am awed by the ideas bursting from these webbites. Onigiri writes of books, of teas, of foods, and cooking with such devotion, appreciation, and skill that you are captured by her intensity, her energy and insight. She describes blog addiction, and I am discovering that the pathway to such a habit is swift and unshakeable.

Who would have thought that knitters would be such a tight-knit group of bloggers, but a blogger like Yarn Harlot spins fascinating prose that illumines and inspires (read "The Trumpet Thing" 12/24/05) while clarifying dropped stitches and the quality of yarn.

Deadpoet's Cave is a resource for all bloggers; he brings ideas together in ways that your perception of the possibilities of the Internet is constantly magnified.

3 Zins Later has just begun blogging, but she is a natural talent whose open stance promises a world of wine fantasies transcending the wine evening to tales of friendships and love.

The Tragedienne's pictures on the Internet led me to her blog (which was the first blog I ever read) and to the blogs of her Singapore friends. Reading their blogs was like discovering a new world, the openness of sharing and an authentic delight in life. Among them is Ismene, who prose is pure poetry. Her imagery and use of language is astonishingly fresh and genuine. Her refreshing style inspired me to explore my own ideas through bloggimg.

Ice Cache is a poet of images. Don't be fooled by the modest number of images he has posted thus far. He has a magical eye and has posted in more private venues almost 30,000 images. He began to blog two weeks ago. and his work will be worth regular visits.

And today as I was reading through blogs, I came upon Wicked Rice, a blogger whose writing is explosively original, poetic, humorous, intuitive, disarming, and intensely aware. She takes blogging to a new realm, full of narrative and philosophical inquiry, naturally at home in the interactive, digital world inhabited by her blog. She uses del.icio.us for tagging and categorizing her entries, and it is worth exploring her writing through this special lens. (By the way, there are some features on her blog that do not work well in Safari, Explorer didn't fare much better. The best experience was with Firefox. Well worth the free download. Time to ween yourself from Microsoft.)


Onigiri said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful comments!

VJM said...

Thank you for your kind words of encouragement! I really like your writing style - your posts on Christmas evoked feelings of envy for the bright lights of a city that never sleeps - Now I want to visit New York at Xmas...Onigiri!! Did you hear that?!? hahahaha Blog On, Wyzard!