Sunday, December 11, 2005

A Fine Madness

no two realities are identical/ thus phaedrus declared the fundamental tenet of his madness/ departing radically from the scientific model of one true reality/ science as the new dogma and religion has declared that there is one reality and that one true/ a fine madness suggests that there are infinite realities all intersecting/ physics finds eleven dimensions/ phaedrus finds limitless dimensions/ all media and educated people know the scientific model to be correct and yet our personal experience confirms phaedrus/ yet phaedrus admits there is one truth that slices through the myriad multiplicities/ that truth is TIME but it is a time that we do not comprehend except in the moment/ time as history is nonexistent/ time as infinity is obscure confusion/ the only truth is the presence of NOW / multiplied by infinite reflections of consciousness/ and sometimes we intersect in that delightful awareness/ we are detained and entertained by such collisions making us aware of being...

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